Open Source

We make available to the community many of the results of our research projects, either as our own development or in collaboration with other companies and organisations. We are making also an effort to move these results to our GitHub repository, to offer a unique entry point to these tools. Whenever appropriate, to simplify the installation of the tools, we offer the possibility to download those from package managers like npm.

node.js tools

node.js is our de facto platform choice to implement fast and scalable distributed network applications. Some of our developments for this platform have been made open to the community.


A high availability Express middleware that offers session storage management in combination with a leading-edge NoSQL database like Apache Cassandra. The tool offers a reliable and scalable session management for web applications with high loads thanks to Apache Cassandra, one of the most popular databases for Big Data applications.

Web Compliance tools

The following tools could be used to implement applications and services related to quality assurance and testing of web applications.


Mirror of all the markup catalogs of the World Wide Web Consortium that offers the possibility to be downloaded as a package and installed in any given application.

Test Case Description Language (TCDL)

The Test Case Description Language (TCDL) is an XML-based language defined by our BenToWeb project to store metadata for test cases in test suites targeted to web applications. For each individual test cases, it describes:

  • formal metadata, such as author, date, title and a short description;
  • technologies (the technologies and technology features used in the test);
  • test mode and test scenarios for end user evaluation;
  • the “rules” that are tested (WCAG 2.0 success criteria or other rules);
  • namespace mappings used in some of the previous sections.

Although initially targeted to test web accessibility, the language is test criteria agnostic and could be reused for any other quality assurance requirement for web applications.