imergo® Web Compliance Suite

imergo® is a complete web compliance suite which addresses the quality assurance needs of modern web applications. It is a flexible framework that can be integrated in any content production and design tool or can be used as a stand-alone product.

The imergo® suite of tools are successfully present in the market since more than 12 years and are continuously developed and improved by our team, to keep it up-to-date with the latest developments of Web technologies. imergo® is licensed to worldwide leader companies producing enterprise content management systems and has also been licensed to organisations and companies looking for a customised SaaS service.

imergo® is built upon a distributed and scalable client/server architecture that allows its integration within many environments. Its main characteristics are:

  • An integrated state of the art browser rendering engine that allows the interpretation of JavaScript code, leading to the validation of the web applications as seen by the end user.
  • A complete JavaScript API that allows to the customer the creation of its own testing criteria.
  • A JSON-based REST API that allows the integration of the suite in any content production tool.
  • A highly performant and scalable persistence back-end based upon Apache Cassandra, which allows the integration of fast validation and testing procedures.