Web Compliance Center

Solutions to improve the quality of your online products and the satisfaction of your customers in an interconnected world

Integrating Web Compliance into the development of your products and solutions with the support of our multidisciplinary team and the integration of our methodologies, tools and solutions, you will be able to improve the quality of your web developments and increase the satisfaction of your customers.

Take advantage of more than 15 years of experience of our team in different consultancy and research and development projects covering Enterprise Content Management Systems, mobile applications and responsive design, Web Accessibility and Usability, the Semantic Web, Search Engine Optimisation, Big Data algorithms, Web of Things and Ambient Assisted Living.

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Web Compliance

Web compliance will support you to reduce your liability risks, lower your costs through an easier management of your web applications (for example, by implementing responsive design), improve the performance of your resources and applications, and enlarge your customer base by optimising your web presence to the requirements search engines or including users with special needs.

Web of Things

We support your company to create innovative web of things services that go beyond standard Internet of Things, by incorporating interoperability and scalability through the use of web technologies. Additionally we improve the accessibility and usability of such services when they are targeted to consumers.

Ambient Assisted Living

The society is rapidly ageing and we need to develop applications and services that support a longer independent living to this target user group. It is critical also that the user interfaces of these services are usable and accessible so that they respond to their needs.